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Opening Hours

November - February
Trakai Island Castle Museum
Tuesday - Sunday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

November - March
Exhibition of Liturgical Art
Wednesday - Sunday
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S. Shapshal Karaim Ethnographic Museum
Wednesday - Sunday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Exhibitions, events

Exhibition „Baltic freedom symbols“
Trakai Island Castle
2018 February 15th to 2018 June 30th

Exhibition `Lithuanian Freedom Creators`
Trakai Island Castle
2017 August 31st to 2018 June 30th

International bookplate competition 2018
Bookplates must be received by 1 May 2018



Medininkai Castle

Medininkai Castle Division

St. Casimir g. 2, LT-13192 Medininkai k., Vilniaus r.

Excursions, educations, information
tel. +370525 05 595,

Head of Department -
Gintautas Terleckas
tel. +370696 60246

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Night at the Museum 2017

2017. 05. 11
19 May, from 7 pm until 11 pm



19.00 Medieval dances. ‘Saltus gladii’.
19.00 The opening of the exhibition ‘Puppets act at the Trakai Castle’.
19.00–23.00 Presentations of ancient crafts, educational activities.
19.30 The start of the treasure hunt contest: distribution of tasks.
19.35 Performance by the Vilnius ‘Lėlė’ puppet theatre, ‘Spider’s wedding’.           
20.10 Medieval music and dance lesson by the group ‘Lity Taler’ (Belarus).
21.00 Announcement of the treasure hunt contest winner.
21.10 Presentation of the late 14th century armor and fighting.
21.40 A night tour through the castle.
21.50 Firing of Gothic leaven pottery. The Vilnius Potters’ Guild.
22.00 A concert by the group ‘Ugniavijas’.
22.40 Fire studio IGNI. Dance with the fire.


19.30 Demonstration of the film ‘Lithuanian castles: myths, legends and reality’and a meeting with the creator of the film, Algis Kuzmickas. Under the framework of the project ‘The migrating cinema’.
20.30 From the series ‘Meeting the creators’, with participation of artist Antanas Vaičekauskas.
22.00 Quiz game ‘Secrets of castles’ with quizmaster Ignas Ligionis.


19.00–20.00 Educational activity ‘From the Battle of Saulė till the Battle of Orsha – the secret of military victories’ (western casemates, the hall near the prison).
19.00–20.00 Educational activity ‘A walk with Vytautas the Great’ (starts in the inner courtyard of the Ducal Palace).
19.00–23.00 Educational activity ‘Music in medieval castles’ with Dainius Jucius (in various places of the Ducal Palace, playing various musical instruments: Jew’s harps, flutes, bagpipe, small drums).
19.00–23.00 Creativity workshop ‘Workshops of copper toy horses’ with ‘EtnoDesign’ (western casemates, 1st floor).
19.00–23.00 Educational activity ‘Activities of the Chancellery of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’ (western casemates, ground floor).
19.00–23.00 Medieval painting lesson with artist Virginijus Stančikas (Ducal palace).
19.00–23.00 Medieval coinage (the innner courtyard of the Ducal Palace).
19.00–23.00 Chess game with the courtiers (Ducal palace).
20.00–21.00 Educational activity ‘Medieval warfare’ (western casemates, the hall near the prison).
20.00–21.00 Educational activity ‘A fairy tale at the Trakai Castle’ (starts in the inner courtyard of the Ducal Palace).
21.40–22.40 Educational activity ‘Medieval Inquisition’ (western casemates, the hall near the prison).

The organiser reserves the right to make minor changes to the programme.

Entrance fee for adults – 7 Eur.
Entrance fee for children, students, and senior citizens – 3.5 Eur.