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Exhibition of Liturgical Art

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A festival of ancient crafts in the
Trakai Island Castle
2020 08 23

International bookplate competition 2020





Medininkai Castle

Medininkai Castle Division

St. Casimir g. 2, LT-13192 Medininkai k., Vilniaus r.

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Exhibition of Liturgical Art


Exhibition of Liturgical Art was fit up in the previous Chapel of Dominic Monastery (the territory of Trakai Peninsular). The exposition displays liturgical things, crockery, apparels, altar tackle, and art objects of religious plot.
The interior of the chapel strongly suffered after closing of the monastery (in 1863) and was finished to be renovated in 2004. The mural altars were renewed; the windows were decorated with the stained glass depicting St. Dominic and St. John Nepamukas figures. Under the chapel there is a cellar, where the liturgical set out is on the display.
The chapel long ago did not see the scarifying of the mess, and only thanks to the museum this cultural and historical heritage was given back its sacral spirit. We also expect that it will become an object for sightseeing of the town guests! Visit the Exhibition of Liturgical Art!

Address: Kestucio 4, LT-21104, Trakai
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